1. Q. Are you selling an actual phone?
    A. No. We are not. We are selling a ” koshering service”. Meaning you get to select the carrier, (think ” use your current carrier and plan”), buy or get the Samsung model you want, and we do the rest!
  2. Q. I want shopping apps. Is this product for me?
    A. No. The Machane Kadosh SmartPhone is specifically designed for it’s uncompromising Kashrus standard, and shopping or any other app that can contain images that are inappropriate don’t fit that mold.
  3. Q. I have a different banking app than the ones in this list. Can the Machane Kodesh Smartphone accommodate me?
    A. The apps in the list were selected due to their widespread use and popularity. We are open to adding apps, but any app must first be carefully vetted by our IT department to ensure the highest technology standards are met.
  4. Q. Do I need to come into the TAG office to have the Machane Kodesh Phone setup?
    Nope! You can do it all on your own! Of course there are instructions to follow, however if done so it is relatively easy. Click here for instructions.
  5. Q. Will my phone slow down?
    A. No! Since it is not filtering anything, just blocking any access- or any app that can access not-proper content there should be no slowdown whatsoever.