What is Machane Kadosh?

Machane Kadosh is a standard for technology use. Machane Kadosh provides a minimum standard which when utilized ensures – to the best of our capabilities- that no child falls prey to technology pitfalls. Including technology addiction, pornography, cyber-bullying, child predators etc. Our goal is to enable those in the Frum community who NEED Internet usage to (be able to use their devices according to Halacha) filter their devices so that they can be used appropriately.  As technology has become the go-to place for all our transactions and conveniences, we must take a responsible stand to ensure that our online activity is in sync with Torah Hashkafa and Halacha.

These days, the negative effects of using search engines, social media platforms, news sites and entertainment has changed our world.  And the pitfalls of the Internet have proven to be detrimental, even in the most Frum circles.

Machane Kadosh is offering a solution to the Torah Community.  Our guidelines were created with the intention that no inappropriate content or images will be inadvertently accessed.  Our programs are able to block categories that are halachically and Hashkafically assur.

Machane Kadosh urges the community to use Basic Phones whenever possible and to keep their homes Internet-free.  With a Basic Phone, you are creating a safe environment for your children to grow up in, a home of Torah and yiras shamayim. You are also teaching a valuable lesson of what a Torah true home is.