What is Machane Kadosh?

Machane Kadosh is a standard for technology use. Machane Kadosh provides a minimum standard which when utilized ensures – to the best of our capabilities- that no child falls prey to technology pitfalls. Including technology addiction, pornography, cyber-bullying, child predators etc. Our goal is to enable those in the Frum community who NEED Internet usage to (be able to use their devices according to Halacha) filter their devices so that they can be used appropriately.  As technology has become the go-to place for all our transactions and conveniences, we must take a responsible stand to ensure that our online activity is in sync with Torah Hashkafa and Halacha.

These days, the negative effects of using search engines, social media platforms, news sites and entertainment has changed our world.  And the pitfalls of the Internet have proven to be detrimental, even in the most Frum circles.

Machane Kadosh is offering a solution to the Torah Community.  Our guidelines were created with the intention that no inappropriate content or images will be inadvertently accessed.  Our programs are able to block categories that are halachically and Hashkafically assur.

Machane Kadosh urges the community to use Basic Phones whenever possible and to keep their homes Internet-free.  With a Basic Phone, you are creating a safe environment for your children to grow up in, a home of Torah and yiras shamayim. You are also teaching a valuable lesson of what a Torah true home is.

The Mesirus Nefesh using a filter?

Using a filter on your device is similar to driving within the confines of traffic laws.  Maybe you can’t go as fast as you’d like to. You may have to take a longer route around the block.  You might get stuck at several red lights. But you can easily understand that without these guidelines there would be chaos in the streets and you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere.  

Filters may indeed slow you down a bit.  Certain pages may be blocked and it might be more challenging to shop.  It is certainly easier not to be filtered. However, the consequences of unfiltered access have long term ramifications. Viewing inappropriate content does tremendous emotional, spiritual, and even physical damage to our families. It will also negatively affect sholom bayis and the chinuch of our precious children.  We therefore see using a proper filter as a mesirus nefesh to keep the purity of your home intact.

What are the Machane Kadosh Guidelines?


Machane Kadosh offers those who require a wider range of browsing abilities to search the following categories:  Finance, Real Estate, Government, Weather, Travel, Shopping, Health, and Education with the Image shading feature.  

What is excluded by Machane Kadosh’s base standard?

    • Social media – including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
    • Inappropriate (Not Tznius) imagery- Any app or website that shows inappropriate imagery but is inherently ok E.G. shopping websites, is available BUT requires proper image filtering.
    • Secular news sites- including CNN, Fox news etc.- The financial/business aspects of these sites will still be available.
    • Sports- Including but not limited to ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBA.com, NFL.com etc.
    • Streaming media – This includes YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix Etc.
    • Gaming websites

What type of technology does Machane Kadosh approve?

The filters approved use real-time in-page filtering technology with image altering filters not only filtered based solely on category. Individual web pages are filtered based on on-page content, including the content of the images (high presence of skin pixels is a red flag), underlying image tags and HTML and most importantly the text of the website.  Based on the individual user’s settings the webpage is either allowed or blocked. Since the filtering is happening on the page level, depending on the content of each page, the same website will have pages that are allowed and pages that are blocked.  

This new generation filtering system is much more reliable than a category list of websites used by other content filters (such as the widely used corporate filter Sonic Wall). Since the filter isn’t based on a whitelist/blacklist, it can allow websites that aren’t on any list and it can also block websites that are on the whitelist but include a page of inappropriate content.  Content whiteout technology is also used by these filters to remove inappropriate content on a webpage and still allow the rest of the same page.

Breakthrough image-altering technology will alter images based on the percentage of skin pixels detected in the image and will either block the entire image or just the skin so the rest of the image is viewable.  The Gentech filter will also block images based on AI (artificial intelligence) regardless of skin color.

Make an Appointment

Call your yeshiva to book an appointment with Machane Kadosh. You can also make an appointment with us by calling 718.975.2942 and using our automated system, or online at machanekadosh.com.

Make sure to bring all portable devices to your meeting with a technician.  Devices should be set up with all current software updates and with enough available storage.  They should be fully charged. Make sure you know all your devices’ passwords.

What Is Recommended After First Installing A Filter?

We advise you to double-check when your filter is installed that your apps and websites are functioning properly.  Applications that are not working properly can be fixed if you call the support team.

What Can I Do If a Filter Blocks a Webpage That Is Need?

Both of the filters used by MK include a request page that appears on blocked pages, allowing you to request the webpage if it’s required for personal or business use within fifteen minutes (of a technician reviewing the request).

The request page also has an instant-override function which allows you to access the site which you believe was mis-categorized.  This is a great way to allow necessary websites without waiting. PIN protection is required in order to use this feature to prevent tampering of the settings by children.  Your MK technician will ask you to create a PIN.

What If I Need Help?

In general, customers who use the support team to clarify any filtering issues become long time users and are comfortable using their devices.  Those who don’t take advantage of support services often become frustrated. We are committed to giving you the support you need to make it work.  Feel free to contact the support team when any issues arise.

Who Do I Call?

For quick support, we recommend calling your filtering company.  If they tell you to call Machane Kadosh, then reach out to us.

All approved filtering companies have dedicated service departments who ensure that your filters run smoothly and adjustments are made swiftly and remotely.


  • Call: 718. GENTECH 24/6 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Block-page support: (request from any page that is  blocked) 24/6

Nativ USA:


  • E-mail: [email protected] 24/6
  • Block-page support: (request from any page that is  blocked) 24/6

Machane Kadosh Call Number:  

  • call 718.975.2942 
  • E-mail: [email protected] : Sunday- 9am – 5pm /  Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm / Friday – closed


How Much Will This Cost?

Smartphones and computers that do not need Internet can be blocked without a monthly or yearly charge. A device that does require Internet can be filtered through the following companies, as approved by MK:


Gentech:  $16.99 per month

Meshimer: $12.99 per month

Windows computers:

Nativ:  $140 annually (includes two computers)

Gentech:  $16.99 per month

Techloq: $118 annually

Meshimer: $12.99 per month

Apple computers:

Gentech:  $16.99 per month


Basic Phones need to brought in to remove their browsers. to see a complete list of Kasherable basic phones click here.