You provide the phone, and we transform it into The Mehadrin Phone by Machane Kodesh!  E-mail, Waze, banking and other kosher apps.  You don’t need to settle for a less reliable phone just because you need a kosher phone.

Most Samsung Smartphones with an operating system of 7.0 or higher is compatible. Check your  device model here for compatibility.

Available Apps!

Productivity: Weather Widget     Email, Calendar, Flashlight, Clock,  Fitbit,    Excel,

  Word,  Powerpoint,  Adobe,   Google photos.

Torah:     Torah Anytime, Zmanim,  Uvlechtecha BaderechKolhaloshon,

 Kosher GPS,  Smartlist

Banking:  Chase , Capital One, Amex,  Paypal,   Santander Bank,  TD


Citi, Robinhood, Exchange,


Travel: Uber, Juno(Via), Lyft, Waze, MTA , Car2Go

Music: Jstream, Jroot, Jewishmusic.FM 


The cost for this is only $149.99!

Click here to sign up!

For installation please contact our office.(or click here to download yourself.)

Send an email to [email protected].

IMPORTANT!!!! Machane Kadosh reserves the right to remove any app from this list if it is deemed a Hashkafic issue.

*This license is valid for a maximum 3 years.

*There is a 7 day money back guarantee.