1. Sign up from HERE.
  2. Install the apps you would like from our list.
  3. IMPORTANT! in the app store settings please select the options to allow automatic updates over data and wifi. This will allow your aps to stay updated.
  4. Download Mehadrin app from HERE.
  5. Update all the apps from the Play Store.
  6. Download the following apps, as the ones that are built in will be removed:
    1. AnySoftKeyboard – Important – if not installed and setup – you will not be able to type at all.
    2. AnySoftKeyboard Hebrew Pack
    3. Weather and Clock widget for Android (by Dev Expert) The only weather app that will work properly.
    4. QkSMS Text message app.
  7. Find your downloaded Mehadrin App, and follow all prompts.
  8. When requested, input your supplied username and password. They are Caps sensitive.